1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
      11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Vanessa  Williams    
          The Comfort Zone     1991Polygram  
          CB65Wv CF65Wwd CF69Wwds BC67Wv BC69Ww B95W B75WS B74Ww CB67Wvdy CB69Wvd  
          BK71Ww B65Ww KR74Ww BR71Wv CB65Ww 2rCB65Ww          
   When Each Link Is Clicked While Pushing The Shift Key, It Opens In A New Window.
       the biggest element of that song first and the second biggest element after  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  A       Aaliyah    
  Age Ain't Nothing But A Number   1994Jive/Blackground . Producer: R. Kelly . (1994: Aaliyah Age = 15 ) . 03-Back And Forth  
            [[ Original ]] 04-Age Ain't Nothing But A Number  . 06-At Your Best You Are Love[ Isley Brothers Cover]  
          in CK77Wwdy CB90Wvd KB85Wwg FB80Wmd KR95Ws ~ >CB77Wvfd CF80Wwfd KR85Ww KB77Wv  
          KB74Wwmugs BC77Wwd 3rCB80Wvd                
  Age Ain't Nothing But A Number   1994Jive/Blackground . 14-The Thing I Like [Single Cut Song]  
          エイジ・エイント・ナッシング・バット・ア・ナンバー [[ Bonus 1 ]]              
          in CK77Wwdy CB90Wvd KB85Wwg FB80Wmd KR95Ws ~ >CB77Wvfd CF80Wwfd KR85Ww KB77Wv  
          KB74Wwmugs BC77Wwd 3rCB80Wvd BC85Wvd              
  Age Ain't Nothing But A Number   1994Jive/2002ZombaRecordsJapan[Japan] . 13-The Thing I Like [Single Cut Song]  
          Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number [[ Bonus 2 ]]     14-At Your Best You Are Love(Gangstar Child Remix), 15-(Stepper's Ball Remix)  
          in CK77Wwdy CB90Wvd KB85Wwg FB80Wmd KR95Ws ~ >CB77Wvfd CF80Wwfd KR85Ww KB77Wv  
          KB74Wwmugs BC77Wwd BC85Wvd 6rB80Wvs 6rBC85Wvgs            
  One In A Million     1996Blackground . 18-JapanBonusTrack  
          ワン・イン・ア・ミリオン(+1Bonus) (UK) (CCCD)              
          in BC69Ww KC74Ww CB69Wwmd KC69Ww KRN>CK75Ww FC75Wwmud BK74Ww CK80Ww KB75Ww  
          KC69Ww KB77WwmN BC74Ww BC74Wwf BC65Wwm BR80Ww end KC75Ww      
    Aaliyah       2001Blackground . 15-[Try Again] . 22才という若さで飛行機事故で他界 . 遺作となったAlbum  
            (CCCD)     Red Jacket            
          KC67Wwmt CK77Wwmfd KC80Ww CK69Wwd KB69Wv K69WwN C74Wwfd CK69Wwd C69Wvd KB>KF69Ww  
          RB74Wwd C67Wdy CK77Wwfd CF63Ww'# CK77Wwmfd            
  Aaliyah       2001VirginAmerica  
            Illustration Jacket          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Aaliyah  [ + Bonus DVD ] 2001VirginAmerica . + 5 Video Clips Bonus DVD  
            Red Jacket            
  Aaliyah  [ + Bonus DVD ]   2001Virgin . [Try Again] is Nothing . 15-Messed Up  
            Illustration Jacket          
          KC67Wwmt CK77Wwmfd KC80Ww CK69Wwd KB69Wv K69WwN C74Wwfd CK69Wwd C69Wvd KB>KF69Ww  
          RB74Wwd C67Wdy CK77Wwfd CF63Ww'# C67Wvdy            
  Aaliyah       2001Blackground . [Try Again] is Nothing . 14 Track Album  
            Red Jacket            
          KC67Wwmt CK77Wwmfd KC80Ww CK69Wwd KB69Wv K69WwN C74Wwfd CK69Wwd C69Wvd KB>KF69Ww  
          RB74Wwd C67Wdy CK77Wwfd CF63Ww'#              
  Aaliyah       2001EMI . 13-Try Again . 13 Track Album  
            Red Jacket            
          KC67Wwmt CK77Wwmfd KC80Ww CK69Wwd KB69Wv K69WwN C74Wwfd CK69Wwd C69Wvd KB>KF69Ww  
          RB74Wwd C67Wdy CK77Wwmfd                
  Aaliyah  [ Extra Tracks ]     2004EdelGermany . 15-Try Again . + 3 BonusTrack . 18 Track Album  
            Brown Jacket(茶色) . 16-Miss You . 17-Don't Know What to Tell Ya . 18-Erica Kane  
          KC67Wwmt CK77Wwmfd KC80Ww CK69Wwd KB69Wv K69WwN C74Wwfd CK69Wwd C69Wvd KB>KF69Ww  
          RB74Wwd C67Wdy CK77Wwmfd CF63Ww'# CK77Wwmfd BR80Ww in>CK74Wwy in>KC80Ww      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Adriana Evans    
    Adriana Evans  <Japan >     1997Loud/BMG[Japan] .  09-Looking for Your Love  
          エイドリアナ・エバンス  Jacket Design <Japan>≠<UK><US>  
          BR95Wwf BC80Wvf BR85Ww BC77Wwd BC80Wvfd B80Wv BR85Wf BC80Wwfd BR85Ww BF90Wwd  
          BR85WwN BF85Wvd 4rKC71MU><Ww                
      Adriana Evans [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Adriana Evans  < UK >     1997Loud . 09-Looking for Your Love . 12TrackAlbum  
          BR95Wwf BC80Wvf BR85Ww BC77Wwd BC80Wvfd B80Wv BR85Wf BC80Wwfd BR85Ww BF90Wwd  
          BR85WwN BF85Wvd                  
      Adriana Evans [FROM US] [IMPORT]
  Adriana Evans  < US >     1997Relativity . 11TrackAlbum  
            <US>Album : <Japan>&<UK>09[Looking for Your Love] is Nothing  
          BR95Wwf BC80Wvf BR85Ww BC77Wwd BC80Wvfd B80Wv BR85Wf BC80Wwfd BF90Wwd BR85WwN  
          Nomadic       2004NextThing  
          in BF80Wv BC75Wwf BF77Ww CB71Wv BC71Wwf B69W BC69Ww CB71Wmy B75W/  
          RF75Ww B75Ww B75Ww                
    El Camino
    El Camino     2007Lexington . 01-Hey Now  
          BC85Wfd BC80Wf BC75Wf BF77W BF77W B80W RF80Ww BC77Wwfb B74W BC74W  
          BF77W RF77w                  
  El Camino <Japan>     2007Lexington . 05-Hey Now  
          BF77W BF77W BC80Wf BC77Wwfb BC85Wfd RF80Ww BC74W BF77W BC75Wf B80W  
          B74W RF77w 5rBC80Wfd 5rBC80Wfd 3rBC80Wf            
      Walking With the Night
  Walking With The Night     2010BBQ  
          B85W BF85W BC85Wwf BF80W BR80w/ KC80W BF80Ww BF80Ww BR85W rBF85W  
          KF80Ww RF80Ww 3rBC85Wwfd                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Agnes  ((Blond Hair ))    
  Stronger     2006Sony BMG . 03-Somewhere Down the Road  
          BC71W BC71Wwd KR85Wwhs BC74Ww BC74Wwfd KF74Ww in>FB80Ww B80W BC75Wwd CB77Wwy  
  Release Me  [Single]     2009AllAroundTheWorld . 01-Release Me  
          DCB85Wwf 1r in>DCB77W 1rDCB77Wy 1rDCB80Wwy              
          Agnes  (( Black Hair ))    
  When The Night Falls     2006SonyBMG . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(12,13,14)  
          CF77WY CF75WY B><CF77WY BK75Wwy CK85WY CB80Wy BC77W BC77Wy CK80W><Y CK80Wy  
          Alicia Keys    
      Songs in A Minor
  Songs In A Minor     2001J-Records . 09-Goodbye  
          ソングス・イン・A・マイナー     JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(17-19)  
          KB74wls^/ BC80Wvfdy BC77Wd BK80Ww BK80Ww CK80Wwd BK80Ww CK77Ww BK85Ww KC80Ww  
          KC80Vv KB80W KB80W KB77Ww KR77WN B77Ww          
  The Diary of Alicia Keys     2003J-Records . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(16)  
          ダイアリー・オブ・アリシア・キーズ (+DVD) (Enhanced)              
          in KC74Ww CF74Wwy BC74Ww B80Ww B80W KC75Wv KC75Wwg CK>BC74Ww BC74Ww  
          BK>KF75Ww KB75WN/ KC75Ww KC75Wwg RF80Ww            
      As I Am
  As I Am     2007RCA  
          IKB74/ KC74Ww B75Ww B74Wf BR75Ww B77Wv BF77Wwy B75W BF77Wwy BC77Wwfy  
          BC74Wwy KR77W/ B77Wv B75Wwf              
      The Element of Freedom
  The Element of Freedom 2009J-Records . 15,16-JapanBonusTrack  
          in KB71Ww BC80W BC80Wwd B80Ww BR80W KC77Wv BC75W BC77Wwy BC75Wwfdy  
          BC77Ww BR77W KR77Ww BR77W B80Wm B77Ww          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Amel Larrieux    
      Infinite Possibilities
  Infinite Possibilities     2000 550Music/Epic   
          BC75Ww BC77Wwf KC74Wwg KC74Wwfd KR75Ww BC75Wwf BC74Wwf CK74W BC75Wwf KR77W  
  Bravebird     2004Blisslife  
          B75Ww BF75Ww BC74Wwf BC74Wwf B75Ww><y B74Ww CB74Wwf B74W BC75Wwf B74W  
          BC74Wwf BC75Wvf                  
  Morning     2006KappikaTunes  
          BF77Wwf BC74Ww KR77W BC74Ww KC75Ww BR75Ww KC74Ww BC71Wwf in>BF71Ww KC71Ww  
      Lovely Standards
  Lovely Standards     2007BlissLife . Jazz Album  
  Touch       2005Sony  
          CB67Wwy BC67Ww CB67Wwd BC65Ww BC67Ww BC65Ww BC67Ww BK69Ww BK74Vv KR80Ww  
          BR74Ww CB69WwwuY BC74Ww                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Amy Winehouse    
      Back to Black
  Back to Black     2006Island  
          BC69Wf BK69W B69Ww BF69W BK65W B75W BC69Wwf B71Ww BK65Ww B65Ww  
          Angela Johnson    
  Got to Let It Go      2005Dome . 12-Whatever It Takes  
          KC75Wwd BC75Ww BC74Ww BC74Wwd BC74Wwfd B77Vw BF77Wwfd BC77wd B77Ww BC77Wwfdy  
          BC75Ww BC85Wwfdy                  
  It's Personal     2010Dome . 12-15-JapanBonusTrack  
          B77Ww KC77Ww BK>B75W CB77Ww CK80Wwfdy BF74Ww BC80Wwfd CB77Wwd B80V BC80Wwfdy  
          BF><BC80wfdy 5rCK80Wwfdy 2rKC77Wwdy 2rDKC77Wf>y 2rDKC75Wwy            
          Angela Winbush    
  Sharp     1987Mercury  
          CB71Wwdy BC65Ww BF65Wy CB63Wwdy BC63Ww BK65W BR80V B75Ww BC67Ww    
    Angela Winbush     1994Elektra  
          BC67Wmfd CB77Wmds B80Ww BK80Ww BR80V KC77Ww CK77Wwd B80Ww BK77Wm BK77Ww  
          Angel Grant    
  Album       1998FlyteTyme . 06-Not Here . 12-Whenever You Cry  
          BC77Wwd BF80Ww RB80W/ BR77Ww CK80Ww KR85WwN BC75Ww CK65Ww K65Ww/ BR77Ww  
          BF75Wwf KR90WwN in CK74Wwd BR80WN            
          Angel Sessions    
  Introducing Angel Sessions   1998BorderBreakers/NipponColumbia[Japan]  
          Introducing Angel Sessions                  
          KC65Wwd BF74Ww BR75Vv CB75Wwfd RF77Ww BR85Ww RF85Ww B85Wwf B80Ww KR77Ww  
          BR75W BR80WwN BC75Wwfd                
      Love Ride
  Love Ride     1999Volt  
          BR75Ww KC74Wv BC71Wwfd KR80Ww BR77Ww BR77Ww BF75Wvmu BR80Wv B80Ww BC80Ww  
          B77Ww BC75Ww BR75Ww                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Angie Stone    
    Black Diamond
    Black Diamond     1999Arista . 03-Green Grass Vapors  
                  [[ Type 1 ]]            
          in BR77Ww BC71Ww BC74Ww B74Ww BC77Wwfd KC75Ww BK74Ww BC71Ww BC77Wwfd  
            BC69Ww RK74Ww/ B77Ww 5rBC75Ww            
          Black Diamond     1999Arista . 03-Everyday  
          ブラック・ダイアモンド     [[ Type 2 ]]            
          in BR77Ww BC74Ww BC77Wwfd KC75Ww BC77Wwfd B74Ww BK74Ww RK74Ww/ BC71Ww  
          KC74Ww BC69Ww BC71Ww CB77Wwd>end B77Ww 5rBC75Ww          
    Mahogany Soul
    Mahogany Soul     2001RCA . 04-20 Dollars  
                  [[ Type 1 ]]            
          ~ >BC74Ww B71Ww BC75Ww B74W RF77Ww B75Ww   CK74Ww KC69Ww    
          BR77Ww BF75Ww BK71WwN/ BR75Ww B75Vm            
          Mahogany Soul     2001RCA . 04-More Than a Woman  
          マホガニー・ソウル     [[ Type 2 ]]            
          ~ >BC74Ww B71Ww BC75Ww B75Vm RF77Ww CK75Ww B75Ww BR75Ww BC75Vm CK74Ww  
          RB77Ww BR77Ww KC69Ww B74W BF75Ww BK71WwN/ B75Ww 2rBC74Ww      
      Stone Love
  Stone Love     2004J-Records   
          in BC77Wwmud BC75Ww B74Ww B77Vw BC80Wwfd in B80Ww BK77Ww BR77Ww  
          BC77Wvfd BF75Wwf BR74WN/ KR75Ww KC75Wwmu in 2rBC77Wwfd        
      The Art of Love and War
  The Art of Love and War   2007Stax  
          B80Wwf BC77Wvy B77Ww BK75Ww B75Ww BR75Ww/ BR77Wv BK75Ww ~ >BC75Vvd KR80Ww  
          CB75Wwd KC74Ww ~ >BR77Ww RF80Ww              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Ashanti       2002DefJam . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan>  
          Ashanti    (Limited) (ExplicitLyrics)              
          in BC80Ww BC74Ww BC80Wwmd ~ CR74Wwm KR75Wwm KB71Ww BK74Ww KR74Ww  
          BR75WwN ~ BK74Ww 2rBC77Ww><MU ~ ~ >KR><B75Ww B74W/        
  B       Beyonce    
  Dangerously in Love [Enhanced]   2003Sony . 11-The Closer I Get To You [Duet With Luther Vandross]  
          CB80Wwmud BC80Wwdp KC75Wwmup mu>CK71Ww><MU KB75Ww KR77Ww in>BK75Ww BK80Ww KB80Ww RF77Wwmu  
          in>BR85VhNs K><KB75Ww ~ KR77Ww KR77Ww            
  Dangerously in Love     2003Sony . 11-The Closer I Get To You [Duet With Luther Vandross]  
          CB80Wwmud BC80Wwdp KC75Wwmup mu>CK71Ww><MU KB75Ww KR77Ww in>BK75Ww BK80Ww KB80Ww RF77Wwmu  
          in>BR85VhNs K><KB75Ww ~ KR77Ww CB74Wwy CK75M><WWd KR77Ww        
  B'Day       2006SonyUrbanMusic  
          CB75Wwmud CB71Wvy CB74Ww BC71Wwmu CB69Ww BC71Ww CB>CF67Wwy CB67Ww B74Ww B74Wwf  
          ~ B75Wf 2rCB67Wvy                
      I Am… Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Edition)
  I Am… Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Edition) [ Disc 1 ] 2008MusicWorldMusic/Columbia . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(09)  
          アイ・アム… サーシャ・フィアース                
          B80Wy B80Wwf KR80Ww BK80W BR80W B80Ww BR80W B77W      
              [ Disc 2 ] JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(09)  
          FC><CF77WdY CB77WdY BC59Ww CK74Wvdy BC63Ww BC74WwY B74Ww KF75Wwy      
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Blu Cantrell    
  So Blu       2001Arista . 14-JapanBonusTrack  
          in>BC69Wwmu CB><B74Wwfdy BK71Ww KC74Ww KC75Wwd KB><KF77Ww in>C><CK71Wvdy BK77Wwd KB77Ww BF80Wwfd  
          KRN>BK77Ww CK75Wvg KC77Ww 2rCB67MUmwd              
          Bittersweet       2003Arista . 12Track  
              (Explicit Lyrics)                
          BC77Wwd KB75Ww KR77Ww BC67WU>Ww><MU BC65MU><W B75Ww KB75Ww BC75Wwfd RF77Wwd BC74Wwfd  
          CB67WUvmufb BC75Wwfd                  
  Bittersweet  <Japan>       2003Arista/BMG Funhouse[Japan] . 16Track  
          ビタースウィート       06, 09, 12 = Album[So Blu] 02, 10, 07  
          BC77Wwd KB75Ww KR77Ww BC67WU>Ww><MU BC65MU><W CB><B74Wwfdy B75Ww KB75Ww BF80Wwfd BC75Wwfd  
          RF77Wwd in>C><CK71Wvdy BC74Wwfd CB69WU><Wwd CB67WUvmufb BC75Wwfd          
  Brandy     1994Atlantic . 15-JapanBonusTrack  
          CB65Wwd CK67Wwd KC71Wwfd BC71Wwg in~ >BR74Ww/ KR77Ww KR80Ww BC77Wwfd BC77Wwd BC80Wwfd  
          in in>B80Ww B80Wv in 4rBC67WUwg            
  Never Say Never     1998Atlantic . 17-JapanBonusTrack  
          ネヴァー・セイ・ネヴァー     09-Truthfully . 10-Have You Ever . 11-Put That on Everything  
          in CK74Ww BK77Ww KB75Ww B80Ww BC77Wmwd CK75Ww KC80Ww KR85Ww KR85Ww  
          KR85Ww in CK75Wwd BR80Wv KB75Ww BR77Wws 3rBK77Ww        
    Full Moon
    Full Moon     2002Atlantic . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(18)  
          フル・ムーン                   04-When You Touch Me . 14-Come a Little Closer  
          in KC77Wwd BC77Wwdy KR85Wv B77Ww B><CF80Ww KF75Ww BC75Wwd CB75Wwdy KC75Wwd  
          KB77Ww BC77Wwg BK77Ww B85Ww KB77Ww B80Ww BC77Vv        
  Afrodisiac       2004Atlantic  
          KC80Ww CK80Ww CK80Wv KC77Wvmuf KC80Ww KC80Wwmu KC80Ww CB77Wv CB77Wvdy BC74Ww  
          B77Ww KC77Wv KC77Wv BK77Ww KR80Ww BC77Ww          
  Human     2008Epic  
          ^ KC74Wwy BC77Wwfd KF80Ww BK80Ww ~ B80Ww RF80Ww BC80Wwf BR80Wwf  
          BK75Ww BK77WwN in>BR75Ww B77Wwf B75Ww>end BC77Wwwufdy RF80Ww 4rKF77Vv 4rDBC80Wwfy 4rDBK77Wwf  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Brooke Valentine    
      Chain Letter
  Chain Letter     2005Virgin  
              (Explicit Lyrics)                
          CB74Wvmuy CB74Wwdy BC77Wvf BC74Wv B77Ww BF74Wvmuf CB75Wvdy>~ CK74Ww BC71Wv BC67Ww  
          KB74Ww BC74Wwfd KR77Ww CB75Wwfd CB74Vv/            
  C       Carleen Anderson    
  True Spirit 1994Virgin  
          CK67Wd BC71Wd CB71Wdy BF77W KB71W CB65Wy BF71W BF65W CB71Wd BF75Wde#  
          CK69vd CF71Wdy                  
          Carmen Hendricks    
  Timing   2014CarmenHendricksMus  
          KC80Wd KC><KB80W B80W BC80Wfd in>KC><BC77Wf BR80Ww KR85W CB80Wwfd B>BC77Wwfd BK>B80WwS  
  Cassie     2006BadBoy  
          B75Ww BC74Ww B75Ww KR75Vv B75Wwm BC75Wv><MU in~ B75Ww BF75Ww BC74Wwfd  
          Ce Ce Peniston    
    Finally     1992A&M  
          FC77Wdy CB80Wdy KR80W CB75Wwd CB74Wwd FC75Wwdy CB74W B71Ww BR77Ww CB74Wmudy  
    Thought 'Ya Knew     1994A&M . 02- I'm In The Mood . 12- If You Love Me  
          CB74Wwdy FC85Wdy CB75WdY B75Wv BR77Wm BF74Wwfd CB74WwdY in>CB74Wwdy CB80Wwdy CB74Wwdy  
          FC77Wwdy B85Ww in>BR77Ww in>BF80Ww 2rFC74Wwdy            
  I'm Movin' On     1996A&M . 01-Movin' On . 02-Looking For A Love That's Real  
          ムーヴィン・オン                   06-Somebody Else's Guy . 09-Last To Know  
          CB85Wwdy BC85Wwdy KC77Wd CB75Wwd CK74Vv in>CB85Wwdy CK77Ww CB77Wd B85Ww in  
          B80Wm CB80Wwdy in 1rBC85Wwd 12rCB71Wwdy 2rCB77Wwdy          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Cece Winans Genre: Gospel Soul  
  Everlasting Love     1998Pioneer . 04-Everlasting Love . 08-Come On Back Home . 10-Healing Part  
          CK75Wvdy BK74Ww KR77WvN KR85Wv BF77Ww KB80Wv KR80WvN B85Ww BF80Wva BR85Ww  
          RF80Ww BC75Wwd BR80Ww                
          Celetia [ UK ] . Celetia Martin  
    Celetia 1996Diesel[UK]  
          BC74Wwmufd BC74Wwfd BC74Wwmud BC71Wwfd B74Wwfs BC71Ww KR75Ww KR77Ww BK75Ww B75Wwm  
          BC75Wwdy BC75Wwmufd                  
  Runaway Skies     1998BigLife/Sony[Japan] . 17-JapanBonusTrack  
          ラナウェイ・スカイズ 04-Runaway Skies . 05-This Is The Way . 09-Rewind  
          in BC85Wwmud RF85Ww BR90Ww BK95Ww KC77Wwd BF80Wwd KR85Ww CB85Wwd KR77WwN  
          BF77Ww BR77Ww/ RF85Ww B80Ww BK77Ww 3rBC74Wwwufg 9rCB85Wwdy        
          Chaka Khan    
  The Woman I Am   1994WeaJapan . 10-This Time  
          CF75Wwd CK74Wwd B>BF74Ww BF80Wwf CB75Wwdy CK80Wwd CB77Wwd KC75Ww CF75Wwd B85Wwf  
          BF80Ww BC74Wwy RF75Ww                
  Epiphary   1996Wea . 02-Papillon aka Hot Butterfly . 06-I'm Every Woman . 08-End of a Love Affair  
          エピファニー〜ザ・ベスト・オブ・チャカ・カーン               10-Through the Fire . 11-What Cha' Gonna Do for Me  
          CB75W BF85Wv BC65W BF80Wfd# BF75Wd BF>FB85Ww BR75W JB85WS CB75W B85Wf  
          BF85Wy CB74W CF74Vd BC71Ww B75W CB80Wd CF75Wwd        
  Come 2 My House  <US>   1998Sony . 03-This Crazy Life Of Mine . 10- I Remember U  
                           12-Don't Talk 2 Strangers  
          B74W in BR85W CB80Wvd KC77Wv CB75Wwfd BR80Wv C69W CF74Vvdy BR85WwN  
          BC80Wd BR85Wvf C71Ww>C65m KB75WwN              
  Come 2 My House <Japan>   1998NPG/BMG Japan  . 02-This Crazy Life Of Mine . 09- I Remember U   
          B74W BR85W CB80Wvd KC77Wv CB75Wwfd BR80Wv C69W CF74Vvdy BR85WwN BC80Wd  
          BR85Wvf C71Ww>C65m KB75WwN                
  Funk This   2007Burgundy/SonyBMG . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(14,15)  
          BC74Wwy B74W BR>B77Ww BR77W BC74W BC74W CB><B74Wwy CB74Wws B>BC74Wwf BC74Ww  
          BC74Vwy BC74Wwf BF80Wwy                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Chantay Savage    
  I Will Survive (Doin' It My Way)   1996RCA  
          KR75Ww/ in>BK80Ww KC75Ww KB74Ww BK80Ww KR77Ww BK77Ww BC75Ww in KC77Wwd  
          BK77Ww KB77WwN BK75WwN KR77Ww CK77Ww            
  This Time       1999RCA . 12 = Album[ I Will Survive]05  
          BC77Wwf BK77Ww KR77Ww KR80Ww KR77Ww KB75Ww KB77Ww KB77Ww KB75Ww KB77WN  
          BC80Wwf BK80Ww                  
      Charlie's Party
  Charlie's Party     2009FARM[Japan]  
          DBC80Wmufys in>DKF80Wfs DBC77Wfys DBC77Wwfs DBC77Wwfs DBC77Wvfys DBC80Wwmufs DBC75Wwfs      
      Product Details
  Things Happen For A Reason   2007EMI MusicJapan[Japan] . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan>  
          シャネル       15,16-JapanBonusTrack  
          FC74Wwdy CB67Wwd CB67Wwdy CB63Wwdy B74Ww BC75Wwfdy BK75W KC65Ww BC69Wwfd CB71Wwfdy  
          BK77Ww KB75Ww in 1rFC74Wvdy B75Ww KB74Ww ~ >KR77Ww        
          Cheri Dennis    
      In and Out of Love
  In And Out Of Love     2008BadBoy . 08-Dropping Out Of Love  
          ~ BC77Wwmufd BC77Wwmufd BC75Wwd BC75Wwd BC74Wwd in BK85Ww BC77Ww BC74Wwd  
          CK74Wwd BK77Ww BK75Ww BC77Ww/ BC77Ww B75Ww          
          Chrisette Michele    
    I Am
    I Am <US>     2007DefJam . 03-Best Of Me  
          BC80Ww BC71Wwq BR80Ww B77W BR80W KC67Ww CB71Wwmuy KR80Ww KB80W BF80Wm  
          KR80W CK74Wy B77W KR80WwN              
    I Am
    I Am <Japan>     2007UniversalInternational[Japan] . 04-Best Of Me  
          BC80Ww BC71Wwq CB71Wwmuy BR80Ww B77W BR80W KC67Ww KR80Ww KB80W BF80Wm  
          KR80W CK74Wy B77W                
  Epiphany     2009DefJam . 02-Notebook . 03-What You Do . 04-Blame It on Me  
          エピファニー                         05-All I Ever Think About  
          BK77Ww BK85Ww B90Wm BK85Ww BK85Ww BC80Ww B80Wvf KR80Ww KF77Ww KF77Ww  
          BC77Wv KB77Ww                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Christina Aguilera << Please Look [ Pops Woman Vocal ] >>  
          Christina Milian    
      Christina Milian
  Christina Milian     2002DefSoul . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan>  
          KC74Wm CB80Wwdy CB75Wwy BC74Ww BK75Ww CB75Wwdy BC74Wwm KC75Wwd B80Ww CB75Wwdy  
          CB75Wwd KR77Ww                  
  It's About Time     2004Universal . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(13-15)  
          イッツ・アバウト・タイム   (+DVD)              
          in BC77Wmud BC75Wfdy BC75Wwmufd KR80Ww KR75Ww BC75Ww CB74Wwdy BC71Wwmuf CB69Wwdy  
          BK74Ww KB74Ww                  
  Goodies 2004LaFace  
          MU><CB74Wwd CB74Wwmu KC69Ww CB74Wwdy BC71Wwmuf BC74Wwfd CB69Wwmufd BC71Wwfd B74Wwf KB74Ww  
          BK71Ww BC77Ww 1r                
    Evolution     2006LaFace  
          muY><CB69Wwu KC74Ww ~ BR75Ww~ CK74Ww BC75Wwmuf BC74Ww B74Ww ~ BC75Wwwuf  
          BC69Ww BC71Wwmuf ~ BC67Wwfd ~ B74Ww BC74Wv B75W      
    Fantasy Ride     2009LaFace . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan> . 02-Love Sex Magic  
          ファンタジー・ライド                     12-Tell Me What Your Name Is . 13- I Don't Remember  
          in>B80Ww BC85Vvd BC74Wv BC75Vvfdy BK74Ww BR80Wv B80V CK77Wvfdy BC75Wwdy CB77Wvdy  
          KF80Ww B85Ww RF85W BC80Wwfdy KC77Wmmufd 6rDBC80Wwmuf          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Coko Lead Vocal of Group[ SWV ]  
  Hot Coko       1999BMG . 11- If This World Were Mine [Duet With Tyrese]  
          Hot Coko     (UK)              
          in BC75Wwf B80Wwf BC80Ww BK77Ww KC74Ww CK69Wwu CF69Wwmuf KB74Wwm B80Ww  
          BR90Vs BK77Wvf BC77Ww B80Ww              
  Grateful     2006Light  
          BF><BR77Wwy>Y CB75WvdY B77Ww CB74WwdY KB>KF74WWw B77Wwf BC75Wvfd BR80Ww BC77Wwfd KB75Ww  
          BR80Wwf K><KF71W B77Ww BR77Ww              
  The Winner In Me     2009Intersound  
          CB67WwmudY CB77Vvdy B77Wwf BK77Wwf BC77WwfdY BC74Wwfdy BR77Wwf BC74Wwfd B77WWw KR80WvN  
          BR80Wwf BR77WWw                  
          Conya Doss    
    Love Rain Down     2006Dome  
          B74Ww B75Ww BC69Ww BC74Wwd B75Ww CB74Wwd B74Ww KB71WN BF74Ww BK71WwN  
          B74Ww CB74Wwd                  
          Crissy Collins    
      Faith in Progress
  Faith in Progress     2007Mri  
          CB75Ww B77Vv BC75Ww KB75Ww B80Ww CB69Wwy B75Ww BK74Ww K71Ww B74Wwq  
          Cynthia Jones    
  Journey of Soul     2011KingdomRecords  
          in BC74Wfd/ BC85Ww KC80Wwd BC80Wwfd BR77Ww in BR75Ww KC80Wwfd BC80Ww  
          in KR80Ww CB77Wwfd BR80W/ in BF80Wwd KR77Ww BC77Ww BC77Wwfd/    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  D       Dana Bryant    
  Wishing From The Top 1996Warner . 詩の朗読に音楽をつけた曲  
          BF65WU BF65WUv BC61WUd BC65VU RC>C74WUd KB65WUwN IBF55a/ BC55WUwfd CB61WUmud ~  
          CB><CF74WUw RF65WU                  
          Dana Dawson [UK]  
    Black Butterfly  <UK>     1995EMI . 02- 3 Is Family . 03-Got To Give Me Love . 04-Show Me  
          in^ FB85Wwd BC85Wwfd BF85Wwfd BC75Ww in^ CK85Wwd FB77Wwd   B95W  
          RF85Ww in^ CB71Wwdy CF71Wwdy BC69Wwd B85Ww in^ BF74Wwfd in in>B85Wv  
  Black Butterfly  <Japan>   1995EMI . 02- 3 Is Family . 02-Got To Give Me Love . 03-Show Me  
          in^ FB85Wwd BC85Wwfd BF85Wwfd BC75Ww in^ CK85Wwd FB77Wwd B95W RF85Ww  
          in^ CB71Wwdy CF71Wwdy BC69Wwd B85Ww in^ BF74Wwfd in in>B85Wv in  
          2r 2r                  
          ダヴィーナ / ダビーナ    
  Best Of Both Worlds     1998BMG . 06- I Can't Help It [Michael Jackson Cover]  
          ベスト・オブ・ボース・ワールズ   14,15,16-JapanBonusTrack  
          KC75Ww KC75Ww KB69Ww KC77Ww BC77Wwd BF85Wwds CB75Ww BC80Ww CB80Wwd BC77Wwd  
          CK75Wwd KB80Ww CR80Ww BR90WwN 3rCK71Wv 1rKC69Wv          
          Debelah Morgan    
  It's Not Over 1998Motown/Polydor  
          KB74Ww KF67Ww CK69Wwd in CB71Wwmdy BR74Ws in>BF74Wwmu BF75Wwmufd B74Vvf KB67Ww  
          BF74Wwf BK>B71Ww B74Wwf KR75Ww KB69W            
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Deborah Cox    
  Debora Cox     1995Arista . 13-JapanBonusTrack . Album Title <US>≠<Japan> . 04-The Sound of My Tears  
          センティメンタル                       07-Never Gonna Break My Heart Again . 12-Where Do We Go From Here  
          CK80Wwd CK77Wwdy KR80Ww BR85Ww BR>BC77Wwd BC77Wwd BR85Wwf KC77Wwd KR75W CB71Wwdy  
          CF71Wwdy BR85Ww 1rCB74Wwdy                
  One Wish       1998Arista . 03-Nobody's Supposed To Be Here . 07- I Won't Give Up  
          ワン・ウィッシュ                        09-Love Is On The Way  
          in>KB77Wv BC77Ww KR90Ww BR80Vv B80Ww CK77Wwmud BR85Ww CK77Wwmud KB90Wwf KB74Ww  
          B80Wwf 3rCF77Wwfd rCB75Wwdy 1rKB77Ww              
  The Morning After     2002J-Records . 14,15-JapanBonusTrack  
          BC77Wwd BC80Wwfd KB>KF75Ww CB74Wwdy KB>KF77Ww BC71Wwmufd KB75Ww BC75Wwfd 1rBC75Wwmud CB71Wwdy  
          K74Wwf CB74WwdY CB74WwdY 9rDCB74w>W 12rDCB71w>Wy            
          Dee C Lee    
    Things Will Be Sweeter     1994Cleartone . 07-Things Will Be Sweeter  
          CB75Wwfd CK75Wwd CK77Wwd BC80Wvfdy B80Ww BF75wd BF85Wwd KC71Wwd 3rCK65Wd BC71Wwfd  
    Smiles       1997CleartoneUK/PonyCanyon  
          BC>BF77Wwf BF77Ww RF75Wv BC75Ww BF77Wwd B80Wwd BC77Wwd CB80Wwd KC75Wv BC69Ww  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Deniece Williams    
  Gonna Take A Miracle -The Best Of Deniece Williams- 1996Sony . 01-Free . 10- It's Gonna Take A Miracle . 16-Let's Hear It For The Boy  
          in>BR90W BF74Wy RF77Wv BR>BF80Ww B77W RF80W RF77W BKN>B74Ww BR77W BR85Wv  
          KR80W BC77Wf KR77Wv BR80V BK77W BF85Wwfd          
          Deni Hines    
  Imagination       1996BMG . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan> . Producer: Ian Green . 12,13-JapanBonusTrack  
          イマジネイション                      01- I Like The Way . 02- It's Alright . 03- It's Not Over . 06-Joy  
          CB85Wwfd CB85Wwd B85Wwf BC80Wwd BC77Wvds in>CB85Wvdy KC80Wwd BC77Wwfd BC71Wwy B75Wwd  
          KR80Wvs 6r 1r                
  I Ain't Movin'  < US >     1994Sony . 01-[ You Gotta Be ]  
          BF80W BC75W B75W K69W BF77W B77W BF77W BK77W FB77Wd BF75Wdy  
          K71W 8rB74W/                  
  I Ain't Movin'  < Japan >     1994Sony . 03-[ You Gotta Be ] . US Albumの03が無い  
          B77W BC75W BF80W K69W BF77W BF77W BK77W FB77Wd BF75Wdy K71W  
  Feel So High     1994Sony  
          BC77W BF80W KC65W CF69W 2rBF80Wd KB71W          
  Supernatural     1998Sony . 03-Life  
          スーパーナチュラル                    JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(12,13) .   
          BC>BF77Wwfd BC75Wwf BF90Wv BF75Ww BF75Ww BK75W B75W BC75Wf B75W BC75Ww  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Diana King    
  Think Like A Girl     1997Sony  
          CB61Wwfd CB65Wwd KC61Ww BC71Wwd BF74Ww FB71Wwdy KR74W B74Wws in BC74Wwd  
          RF77Wwds CB71Wwd BR80Ww CB69Wwd              
          Dina Carroll [UK]  
  So Close  <US>     1992A&M . 04-Falling  
          FB80Wwdy BC77Wmd B80Wwf in>CF85Wwdy B80Ww FC80Wwdy CB71Wwd B71Wv CK71Wwdy B74W  
          BF75Wwdy RF75Ww                  
          So Close <Japan>     1992A&M . 04-Falling  
          FB80Wwdy BC77Wmd B80Wwf CF85Wwdy CF80Wwdy B80Ww FC80Wwdy CB71Wwd B71Wv CK71Wwdy  
          B74W BF75Wwdy RF75Ww RF80Ww              
          Dionne Farris    
  Wild Seed Wild Flower     1994Sony . 08- 11th Hour  
          CF75Wfd BC65Wwd C65Wd KC>CB75Wwy KB74W BF75Wf CK67W BF85Wwfd CB71Wdy B75Ws  
          in BC71Wwfd CF80Wwd in 1rBF80Wwfd            
          Dionne Warwick    
    Definitive Collection
    The Definitive Collection   1999Arista . 06-I Say a Little Prayer, 09- I'll Never Fall In Love Again  
          グレイテスト・ヒッツ1962-1987                   11-I'll Never Love This Way Again, 20-That's What Friends Are For  
          BK77Ww KR75Ww KR80Ww BR77Ww BR85WS BC85Wfy BK77W BF80W B85W BF80Vv  
          B85Wh KR85W BR85W B80Wwf RF85W B85Vf BR80Wws BC80Vf B85Vw BR85V  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Something About The Girl   2010Expansion . Producer: Jean Paul "Bluey" Mounick( Incognito ) . Guest: Omar(03)  
          B85Wv KC90Ww BC85Vm CB85Wwd BC80Wwd BR85Ww in>KR80Ww DBF90Ww KR80W RF85Wvb  
  E       Eboni Foster    
  Just What You Want     1998MCA . 12-JapanBonusTrack  
          ジャスト・ホワット・ユー・ウォント                  02-You Give Love . 04- It's OK . 05-Just What You Want . 06- I Can't Go On  
          KC80Wwmu KR90Ww KC75Ww B85Wvd BK85Ww KR90WwN CB75Ww BC80Ww KB77Ww KR85Ww/  
          BK80Wv/ rDC>CB71Wwd                  
          Ebony Alleyne [UK]  
      Never Look Back
  Never Look Back     2007Expansion[UK] . 15〜19-JapanBonusTrack . 01-You Caught Me Off Guard  
          ネヴァー・ルック・バック                                02-Second Look . 07-Looking Over My Shoulder . 10-In Love With A Stranger . 12-All For Nothing  
          CB85Wwfd B90W B80Wm BC80Ww BC77Ww BF80Wvs BF85Wwf BF80Wf BF85Ww RF85Wv  
          BC80Wwfd RF90W BF80Wwf B80Wv in>B80W KR80Ww B80W BF77Ww 1rCB85Wwfd    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Elisha La'Verne [ UK ](Japan Produce)  
  Her Name Is     1996CuttingEdge[Japan] . Producer: T.Kura, 2B3, Kay.Fingers  
          ハー・ネーム・イズ・・・                    02-Say Yeah . 12- I'm Still Here . 13-Didn't I Cry Enough  
          in(mu) BC95Wvfd BC90Wwfd CK80Wwd CB85Wwfd in(w) KC80Ww KC77Wwmud CK77Wwd BC85Wwd  
          in(RB) KR95Ww BR95Ww BR90Ww RK77/ 3rBC85Wwwufdy CB75WwdY ...~d      
  Elisha La Verne     1998CuttingEdge[Japan] . 12-Find A Way  
          CK75Wwmudy CB75Wwfdy BC80Wwdy BK80WweN# KC80Wv BR90Ww B74Ww KC69Wwmud BC75Ww BK80Ww  
          CB77Ww BR95Ww KR85Ww CB85Wvfd              
  Change Your Way     2000CuttingEdge/AVEX[Japan]  
          K69Ww BC75Wwfd BC75Wwf BC77Wwf BC75Wwfd CK75Wwdy K74WwN KB77Ww KB80Ww CB75Ww  
          KC74Wwmud BC80Wwf CB80Wwf BF80Ww CB75Wwdy>end            
    Greatest Hits & Remixes  [ Disc 1 ] 2001CuttingEdge/AVEX[Japan] . 06-Say Yeah . 08- I'm Still Here  
          CB90Wwfdy BC80Wwdy CB75Wwfdy KC74Wwmud KC69Wwmud BC95Wvfd CK75Wwmudy KR95Ww KR85Ww BC75Wwfd  
          BC77Wwf CB75Vmfd BR90Ww K69Ww CK75Wwdy C69Wwfdy          
                 [ Disc 2 ]    
          in>rCB80Wvd rBC80Wwdy rBC75Wvfdy rBC77Wwufd in>rKC74Wwdy rCK74Wwdy rBC77Wwfd rBC71Wwmfd rBC80Wwdy rK69Ww  
          rCK74Wwdy rC69Wwufdy                  
  Sensuous       2002CuttingEdge/AVEX[Japan]  
          CK74Wwfd KC80Wwd  CK74Wwd KC80Wwd  BR80Ww  KR77Ww BK77Ww ~ CK74Wwd CB75Wwfd  
          BC77Wwfd BK74Ww CB80Wwfd  CB71Wwy KC74Ww 4rKC85Wwfd  4rKC77Wwd        
  361 Degrees     2011StarBaseMusic/P-Vine[Japan]  
          361 ディグリーズ    
          BC74Wwf BC74Ww BC74Vwfy BC77Ww B75Vf BC77Wwfd BC75Ww B75Ww BK75Ww BC74Wwfy  
          BK74Ww BC75Wv BC75Wwf BC74Ww              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Emily King    
      East Side Story
  East Side Story     2006RCA  
          CK77Wwd B80Ww BR80Ww B75Wwf B77Wwfd BK75W BC75Ww KC74Wwd KB75W B80Ww  
          B77Ww BF77Wwf B77Ww 1rCK74Wwmud              
  Shine     2008Atlantic/Homeschool  
          BC67WUvd BC74Ww BC80Wvfd RF77Wv BF77Wv BK77Ww BC71WUvf BF77Wwdy BR77Ww BC80Wvfd  
          BF77VwdY BC75WUvf                  
          Day Dreaming 1998CuttingEdge/AVEX[Japan]  
          CF77Wwmuds CB77Wvdy CF77Wwdys B75Wwds CK74WwmudY CB69Wwd CB65Wwdys CK77Wwmufds BF80Wwds rCB69Wmdy  
  F       Faith Evans    
          フェイス・エバンス / フェイス・エヴァンス    
  Faith Evans     1995BadBoy/BMG Victor . 03-Fallin' In Love . 13-You Don't Understand  
          フェイス・エヴァンス                    14-Don't Be Afraid . 15-Reasons  
          in KC69Ww in>BC90Wwfd BK74Ww KR77WwN/ BK74Wws KB75Wwy KB80Ww BK75Ww in  
          CK74Ww B80Ww- KR85WwN KR85Ww KR85Ww            
  Keep The Faith     1998BadBoy/BMG . 08-No Way . 09-Life Will Pass You By . 10-Keep the Faith  
          キープ・ザ・フェイス            12-Never Gonna Let You Go  
          in CB80Wwd CK80Wvd KC80Ww BK75Ww/ KB75Ww KB80Ww KB85Ww BC85Ww BK85Ww  
          BR80WwN/ BR85Ww K75Ww/ KB80WvN KR75Ww            
  Faithfully 2001BadBoy/BMG  
          in CK65Wm CK61Wwmu CB69Wwmud KR75Ww in CK74Wwdy KB71Ww KC74Ww BC71Ww  
          BC74Wwd KB67Ww in KC74Ww BK74Ww BF65Ww KC67Vv KR77WwN/      
    The First Lady 2005Capitol . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(14)  
          CB71Wwmufd BF77Wwf(s) BC74Wwfd(s) B75Wmf CB71Wwfdy B80Ww FB69Ww BC74Vd B75Ww BC74Wwf  
          B77Wwf~ CB77Wwf B75MUm><Wwf                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Free Yourself
  Free Yourself     2004J-Records  
          BC75Ww KR77Ww BK77Ww BC69Wvf JBK71WS BF74Ww B74Ww CB67Ww BR75Ww BC71Wwmf  
          KR75Ww B77Ww BR><B75Wwf                
  G       Gina Thompson    
  Nobody Does It Better     1996Mercury . 12-Without You  
          in KC80Wv CK77Ww KB80Ww KC80Ww CK75Ww KC75Wwmu in KC75Wwd KC77Ww  
          KB80Ww BK90Ww in CK77Wwmud 2rKC74Wwwud            
  H       Heather Headley    
      This Is Who I Am
  This Is Who I Am     2002RCA . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(13,14)  
          KC74Wwg BC74Ww BC80Wwmufdy KR80Ww B77Ww CB65Wwdy KB69Ww BC74Wwfd B75Ww CB71Ww  
          B80Ww KR80W                  
  In My Mind       2006RCA  
          BK>KF77Ww BC77Ww BC80Ww BK74Ww BC71Wvy in^ >BR75W BK>KF75Ww BK77Ww CB71Wvy BK77Ww  
          B77Ww KR>B75Ww                  
      Audience of One
  Audience of One     2009EMI Gospel . 01-Simply Redeemed  
          KR85Wv BC71Wwd B75W KR>B80Vw BR80Wh KB><B77W B75Wvfyq B80Ww KR>B80W KR80W  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  I       India Arie    
      Acoustic Soul
  Acoustic Soul     2001Universal/Motown  
          in KC77Ww KC77W KC75Ww BC80Wfd BC77Wfd KB75W K77WN in BK77Ww  
          KC75Wwd BF77Wv BC80Wvfd BR75W in BC75Wwfd          
      Voyage to India
  Voyage to India     2002Motown . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan>  
          in BC75Wwfd KC75Ww CK75Ww KC75Ww KR80W in BK77Ww KC75Ww BF80W  
          BC77Ww BR77Ww in BK75Ww B80Ww B77Ww KC74WwL        
      Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship
  Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship 2006Motown . 04-Good Mourning  
          BK75W/ BK75Ww B80Ww BR85W BF80Ww BC77Wwf K74W/ in>BR77W BF80W BF74W  
          KC71Vw in FB77Ww KB74WN/ BC77Wwfy …>BK75WwN          
      Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics
  Testimony: Vol. 2, Love & Politics 2009Soulbird/Universal Republic . 02-Therapy . 17-JapanBonusTrack  
          in BF85Wv KC71Ww RF80Vw KR80Ww in BK77Ww BK77WwN BF80Wvd CK71Ww  
          in KB>BR77Ww BC75Wwwufd KB74Ww in BF80Ww B77WwN        
  J       Jaki Graham [ UK ]  
  Real Life       1994CuttingEdge[Japan] . 12-17 -BonusTrack . 01-You Can Count On Me For Love  
          リアル・ライフ            06-Through Your Eyes . 08-Shivers . 10-Real Life . 15-Spend The Night  
          BF95Wwfd CB77Wwfdys BC><BF75Wwfd CF77Wwfd BF>FB80Wwfd RF95Wwh CB75Wwdys BF90Wwds CB77Wwdy FB85Wvdy  
          KB80Ws BR80Wwfs CF75WwdY 2rCF74WwdYs KR85Wwd 2rCK74Wwdys 7rCB75Wwdys        
      Hold on
  Hold On       1995CuttingEdge[Japan] . 09-BonusTrack . Jacket Design <UK>≠<Japan>  
          ホールド・オン                    02-Don't Keep Me Waiting . 07-Birthday  
          CF80Wvd FC90Wwdy BC85Wwfd CF85Wvdy B77Wwd BC74Ww BR90Wwf RF85W CF80Wwfd