Gold: Greatest Hits
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          ABBA Gold -GREATEST HITS- 1992/1999PolarMusic  
          FB100WW BC85WW BF90WWf BF85WWd BC80WW BF85WWm BR85WW B>BF95Ww CK85Ww B><BF80WW  
          B95WW B>BF85Ww CF90WWy CK90WW BF80Mwfy B80Ww B75WW B95Wv FB85Wdy    
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       the biggest element of that song first and the second biggest element after  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  A       A1 [ UK ]  
  The A List     2000SonyMusicEntertainment  
          FC85Mmds CB74Mmfdy KC74Mm BR77Mm B77Mm CB67Mmdy CK74Mmd BR80Mm BR80Mm CK71Mvfdy  
          FC77Mmdy B77Mm CB><FB71Mmdy KR77Mm KR77Mm            
          ABBA [ Sweden ]            Agnetha Faltskog アグネッタ(金髪女), Anni-Frid Lyngstad フリーダ(茶髪女)  
          アバ Genre: '70 '80 Pops .   Bjorn Ulvaeus ビョルン(小男), Benny Andersson ベニー(太り男)  
  Ring Ring     1973Polydor  
          BF74WW B71Mv B71W BF69VV B65Mw in>BF71Wv BF71Vv BF69Vv B67Mv BC65M  
          KR71Wv BC69Mvf                  
    Waterloo   1974Polydor . 01-Waterloo  
          FB85Wdy B75Mw FC77VvdY B80W KC74Ww BF77Vv BF77Vwd BF77Wv CB71Mwdy B77Ww  
    ABBA   1975Polydor . 01-Mamma Mia  
          アバ+2                   12-13: Bonus Track  
          BF85WWd B74Ww B75Ww B><BF80WW BC61M FB77Ww B77Ww CB65Mwdy BC65fdY B80Ww  
          CF>FC77Wwdy KR77M CFfdy><B75W                
  Arrival       1976Polydor . 11-12: Bonus Track . 01-When I Kissed The Teacher . 02-Dancing Queen  
          アライヴァル     05-Knowing Me, Knowing You . 06-Money, Money, Money . 09-Tiger . 10-Arrival . 11-Fernando  
          BC85Wwfdy FB100WW BR80W B80Wwf BC85WW CK85Ww BF80Ww B77Mw BC85WWfd IB85w  
          B>BF85Ww in>RF77Wv                  
  The Album     1977Polydor . 02-Take A Chance On Me . 07-Thank You for The Music  
          ジ・アルバム                         10Vocal-Doris Day  
          KC80WW BF90WWf B77WW B75WW RF75VV~ FC77WvdY B95Wv BR80W CK80WWY 7rB80Ww  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
    Voulez-Vous (Dig)
    Voulez-Vous     1979Polydor . 11-13: Bonus Track . 02-Voulez-Vous . 03- I Have A Dream . 04-Angeleyes  
          ヴーレ・ヴー [+3]        05-The King Has Lost His Crown . 08-Chiquitita . 10-Kisses Of Fire . 11-Summer Night City . 13-Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!  
          in>CB77Wvfd CF90WWy BR85WW BF85WWd B85WW BF80Mwfy BF80WW B95WW BC77WW in>BC85WWfd  
          CK85WWmd B><BF77WWm CK90WW                
      Super Trouper (Dig)
  Super Trouper     1980Polydor . 01-Super Trouper . 02-Winner Takes It All . 09-Lay All Your Love On Me  
          BF85WWm B>BF95Ww CB80WWd BR80Wv BC>BF75Wvfd BR77Ww B80WW KC><FB77WW CB77Wd BR80WW  
          FC80WWdy RF80Ww                  
          Super Trouper  [Type 2]   1980Polydor . 11-[Bonus Track]Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!  
          BF85WWm B>BF95Ww CB80WWd BR80Wv BC>BF75Wvfd BR77Ww B80WW KC><FB77WW CB77Wd BR80WW  
          CK90WW FC80WWdy RF80Ww                
    Visitors (Dig)
    The Visitors     1981Polydor . 13-Under Attack  
          BC74Wv>d BK><KF71Ww BF77Wwd BK><B74W KB74Wv B80Ww B75Mv KR74Ww KR74WN B75W  
          BK69W   BF77WW                
          The Visitors  [Type 2] 1981Polydor . 12-Under Attack  
          BC74Wv>d BK><KF71Ww BF77Wwd BK><B74W KB74Wv B80Ww B75Mv KR74Ww KR74WN B75W  
          BK69W BF77WW BF69WW                
      Gold: Greatest Hits
  ABBA Gold -GREATEST HITS- 1992/1999PolarMusic/PolyGram[Japan]  
          FB100WW BC85WW BF90WWf BF85WWd BC80WW BF85WWm BR85WW B>BF95Ww CK85Ww B><BF80WW  
          B95WW B>BF85Ww CF90WWy CK90WW BF80Mwfy B80Ww B75WW B95Wv FB85Wdy    
          Dancing Queen Knowing Me, Knowing You Take a Chance On Me Mamma Mia Lay All Your Love on Me Super Trouper I Have a Dream Winner Takes It All Money, Money, Money S.O.S.  
          Chiquitita Fernando Voulez-Vous Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Does Your Mother Know One of Us Name of the Game Thank You for the Music Waterloo    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Above & Beyond Genre: House  
  Group Therapy   2011Ultra  
          IBK80 DCK85W DCK77M DCB80W DCK75Mm DCB77W DCB77M DC>FB74vf DCR74 DC><RB75W  
          DBC77M DBC77wf DCB77M RK71WN HRK77            
          Aerosmith Genre: Rock  
      Done with Mirrors
  Done with Mirrors      1985/1997UniversalJapan  
          CF74MY CB71Mf CB63My BC63M CB>CF65My CF67Mfy CB65My CF74Mdy CB>CF67My    
      Pump,Permanent Vacation
  Permanent Vacation     1987/2001UniversalJapan  
          in>CF74My>Y CF74My CF74Mfdy CF77Mfy CF75My>Y CK>CB69My in>CB61My CF65Mfdy KR>B80Mf in>CF71Mfdy  
          CF74Mmfdy CF71y^                  
          Pump       1989/2001UniversalJapan  
          CF67MmfY CB65My ~ >CB65MmY CB63MY BC63M in>CB69Mmy CF65MfY in>BC61Mmy in>CB65My B74M>IBF63  
      Get a Grip
  Get a Grip       1993/2001UniversalJapan  
          in CF65MmY CB61MY CF65MfY BC65Mm CB63My CB65M>Y CB63Mmy B71Mm><y CB63My  
          BC65M CB65my BK>KF65Mm B65/              
      Big Ones
  Big Ones       1994Geffen  
          CB63My CB61Mmy BC65Mfy B74M CB65My BC74M BC77M BC71Mm>y BC71M CB67M  
          CB67Mmfy B71Mmq CF71MmY! B74M B><BC71Mm CB67MyL          
  Nine Lives       1997SonyJapan . 12,13-BonusTrack  
        CF75MYY CB65My B69Mf in>CB63My BC65Mv CF75MYY BC67My in>CK63My CF67MYY B71Mf  
        B74Mf CB61My BC65Mm CB65My in>B71M            
  Just Push Play     2001SonyJapan  
          Just Push Play                  
          CB65MY CF65Mmy BC74MfY B74Mmfy CF65Mfy CB65M CB65My B71M CB67Mdy CB65Mm  
          CF63My B>BC71Mf CB65My>Y KR77M>…end              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          A Hundred Birds [Japan] . Genre: House( ハウス系 )  
  Mynah     2007ForLifeMusicEntertainment[Japan]  
          DBC69Wwfy DBC75Wfs DCB74vfyLs DC74fyLs DC71fs DCB75wfys BC80Wwfds DRF75ws B74Ws DBC80Wfs  
          Air Supply Group . Genre: Soft Rock . Vocal: Graham Russell, Russell Hitchcock  
  Lost in Love     1980/1990Arista . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan>  
          RF90Mmw RF85Mmh RF85MM CF75Mvdy B80Mfh BC75Mmf BR77Mmh B75Mv FC><BC77Mv KR77Mh  
          Akakage [Japan]  
  Fighissima       2006PonyCanyon[Japan]  
          in DCB77Mvf^ BF85Wwds DBC85Wwf in DCB80Wy DCB77Mmy BC74MUmd DFC85 DBC74Mf  
          DCB74y BF74Mmd DBC75Mf DBF77w~              
          The Album Leaf << Please Look [ Instrumental ] >>  
          Aly & AJ    
  Into the Rush     2005Hollywood . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan>  
          イントゥ・ザ・ラッシュ   (CD+DVD) JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(15,16,17)  
          BC><CF77WwY B77Wwf CK><BC><FC74Wwy BF><FC75Ww BC><FB75Wwfy BC><CB74Wy BC77Ww><y BR80Ww BC77Ww BC75Ww  
          BC><FC77Ww FC><CF77Ww FB77Ww/ FC77Wwdy              
      Acoustic Hearts of Winter
  Acoustic Hearts of Winter  [ X'mas Album ] 2006Hollywood  
          FC80Wwdy B80Wwxs BK75Wwxs RF80Wwxs/ BK75Wwxs BR77Wwxs BR80Wwxs RF80Wwxs/ FB80Wwxs/ BF77Wwdxs  
  Insomniatic       2007Hollywood  
          CB74Wwdy CB74Ww BF77Wwy BR><B77Ww BC77Wwfdy BC77Wwf BC77Ww BK77Ww CB><CF77Wwd B><BC75Ww  
          KB><B75Ww in>CB77Wwdy                  
          Aly & Fila Genre: House( ハウス系 )  
  Rising Sun       2010ArmadaMusic  
          DB>CB77wfy DKC80Wfy DCB80WY DCF80 DBC85Wfy DCF><B77 KC85W DCFY><RB77 DCB><BC85W DCFYY><BK77M  
          KR80W DCF75Y DCFY><BC75 BR>DFB77wY DCFY><B77w importcds_com¥1188+340=1528          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Anthology [Best of]     1997Warner . 02-Biggest Part of Me  
          FC><CB75Mvy B85Mm BC><B77Mm BF><B77M CB><B74M BC75Mm BK77Mm BF75Mm B80Mm BF><B77MmY  
          B80Mm B77M in>BF77Mm BC77Mm CB77Mmy B75M><IBF          
          Ananda Project Genre: House( ハウス系 )  
    Release     2000Virgin  
          in DBC85Wwy DBC77Mm DCB80Ww DCB77! in>DC77mf DBC80wfy DBC80Mf DBK74Wv DBC77mfy  
          in 8rDBC80Mfy                  
      Morning Light
  Morning Light     2003NiteGrooves/KingStreetSounds  
          RB80/ DBC80Wmy DBC77Mf DBC80Wfy DCB80Mmf DBC80Wwf DBC77mf DRK77Mm DBC77Mmfy DBC75W  
          DBC75w DC74W end                
  Relight   [ Disc 1 ] 2005BPM KingStreetSounds/NiteGroov  
          DRC71/ DCB80w>W DBC77Wm DBC77Ww DBC80Mmf DBC80Wf DCB75v DBC77M DBC77m DBC80Wmf  
          DBC77Mmf DBC80Mmf DBC80W                
              [ Disc 2 ]    
          DBC80Wwf DC75Wy DC77m>My DCB80Mm DCB80m DC75m DCB77Mf DC77f >y RB><DC80mf    
      Fire Flower
  Fire Flower     2007NiteGrooves  
          in DBC80Mmfy DCB77Wwf DBC77Mmf DBC80W DBC80mf DCB77f in B77Wwd DBC85Ww  
          DBC80W in DBC80Mmf DCB77              
          Angel City Genre: Dance  
  Love Me Right     2005Data  
          DCK77W DBC80W DCB85Wwf DBC80Wfy DBC77Wwf DBF80W BC80Wf DKC80Wfy DBC80Wf DCB80Wfy  
          DKC74Wf 1rDCK77Wf 2rDBC80W 4rBR80W              
          The Animals  [ UK ] . Genre: '60 Rock  
  The Best of the Animals   1988EMI . 01-The House Of The Rising Sun  
          BK85Ms BC80Mmy CB71Mmfy FC69My FB71Mm FC71Mdy CF71Mmfy CF65Mmf BC61Mfq CB61Mm  
          CB>CF61Mmy CK59Mmq BC61Mq FC61Myq B65Mmq BC61Mmf CB63Mfy BC65Mmy BC61Mmf CB><CF63My  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Arabesque [ Germany ] . Genre: '70, '80 Pops  
  Arabesque Deluxe [Best of] [ Disk 1] 1995/1998Victor[Japan] . 06-Peppermint Jack  
          BC85Wwdy BC><FB77f BC75Wwfd BF77Wwmd BC85Ww FB90Wwm CB80Wwm BC77Wwfdy CB74Wwdy CB><BF74Wwd  
          BC><BF75Ww BC><BF75Wwf BC><BF74Wwmd B77Ww FB77Wwd BC74Wwmfd CB><B><FB74Wwd CB71WwdY BF77Wwd BC85Wwm  
             [ Disk 2 ]    
          CB><BF80Wwd BC><B77Wwfd BK77Ww FB77Ww BK><FB75Ww BF77Wwmfd BK77Ww FB80Wwd KC>CB74Wwmd BC75Ww  
          BF80Wwfd BC77Wwfd FB77Wwd CB75Wwdy CB77Wwfd BC><FB75Wwfd FB77Wwd KC><BF75Ww BC75Wwfd BC77Wwd  
          The Archies Genre: '60 Pops  
  The Very Best of the Archies   2004MasterClassics . 01-Sugar Sugar  
          BF90Mv FC74Mvdy BF74Mvf FB80Mvd BF80Vvf 1rBF80Mv BF80Mmf BF77Mmf BF77Mm BF77Mv  
          FB77Mmd BC77Mmfy RF80Mm BF77Mvfd C^ ><1rBF77M            
          asuka + eRika Genre: House( ハウス系 ), Pops  
  asuka + eRika     2008IrmaRecord[Japan]  
          in>DBC80Mmf BC80Mmufd DBC80Mmf B75W BC69Wvfd B71W B74Ww DKR71Ww DBC80Mf    
          ATB Genre: House( ハウス系 ) & Tecno  
  Movin' Melodies   mp3 1999Kontor  
          DRC>BC69/ DCB80 DCK77wy in DCK77wy DC71Mfy ^ >DRF>BF71 DFB74w DBC63f DCF67m  
          DBC74f DRC>CK74 DCF71 DBC74wfY 5rDCK77wy            
  Two Worlds   [Disc 1]   2000Kontor  
          DBC77mfy DKC74Wf DBC74mf DC69f BK74Wd DCB71mf DBC74Wf DCB69mf DC71fy DC74fy^  
              [Disc 2]      
          DC77f DKB75^ DCK75mf RB74m DC71y HRC65 KC71wd DRF74 HRC>RB74    
  Dedicated       2002Kontor  
          DC77Y DKC77Wf DRB74w DCB77W DCF75y DBC77Wf DCK75mf DKC77W DC71^ DCF75  
          DC77wf DC74y                  
  Trilogy   [Disc 1]   2007Kontor  
          DBC80Wf DKC77W BK>BC77Wfd DC75y KR75W CB74My DKC80Wf DC75vf DCB71M BC71Md  
          B71M B74M                  
              [Disc 2]      
          DCR>CK74 DBK74 IKR75 HRK71 HCR>DKC69 KB65 BK74d DBK75 DBK>KC74 CR>BK69h  
          HK>DKC69^ DKC69 HRK67N HR71N              
  Future Memories [ Disc 1 ]   2009Kontor  
          DFB><BR80Y DCB74My DBC80W DBC77Wf DBK><BC80Wfy DCF77wY DB>BC80Wf DC80Y DBC77Wfy DCK80  
          BR85Wd DBC85Wfy DBC>CB77mfY DCB80M              
              [ Disc 2 ]      
          DBC77 RK85W RC80d RK>DBC80 KR80W DB80 DRK80 DCK77 DBC80 DBC85  
          DKC85 IRK85                  
  Distant Earth [ Disc 1 ]   2011Kontor  
          DB>BC90Wf DBC74Mf DBK75M DBC80Wf BC>DBC80MY DC80y DBC80W DKC75M DC77fy DBC75MY  
          DKC80Wf DBC69MUfy DBC80Wfy DBC80Wfy              
              [ Disc 2 ]      
          DBC80y KB><DKC80 DBK74M DBC80 DBK77W DBK80 IBR85 IRF75 DBC77 RK77  
  Contact   2014Kontor  
          DKC>CK77M DBC80W DBK75W DCK75M KR75W DBC80 DBC75Mfy B77M DBC80W DBC80Wf  
          DCB74Mmy DRF77W DBC77W DCB77W 2rDBC><CB80W 4rDCK75M          
          Atomic Kitten [ UK ]  
  Right Now     2001Innocent . 04-Eternal Flame [Bangles Cover]  
          FB80Wwdy RF77Ww B80Wwf KR85Wws BF74Wwfd BF75Wwdy CB80Wwd BC67Ww RF77Ww B80Ww  
          RF80Ww B74Ww>… FC74Wwdy FC80WwdY              
  Right Now <Japan>     2001EMI Music[Japan]  
        FB80Wwdy FC74Wwdy BC67Ww   B80Wwf B80Ww     RF80Ww    
        B74Ww>… 1r                  
  Feels So Good     2002Innocent . 15-BonusTrack . 03-The Tide Is High[Blondie Cover]  
        Feels So Good                        06-The Moment You Leave Me . 08-Love Doesn't Have To Hurt  
        BF80Ww CB80Wwd BF85Wwds BF80Wwfd RF77Ww BF85Wwd B80Ww RF85Ww CB77Wwy BC><B77Wwf  
        BF74Wwfd C77Wwfdy B80Ww B80Ww B80Wwf            
  Ladies Night     2003Innocent . 02-Be With You  
        Ladies Night(CCCD)                  
        CB80Wwdy DBF85Ww KC77Ww B80Wwf RF80Ww BC77Ww CB80Wwfd KR77Ww RF77Ww BF80Wwf  
        BR80WwN KC77Ww CB80Ww KC77Ww B77Ww            
  Atomic Kitten [Best Of]   2003Virgin . 02-Be With You . 03-The Tide Is High[Blondie Cover]  
                  06-Love Doesn't Have to Hurt . 11-Eternal Flame [Bangles Cover] . 12-Moment You Leave Me  
          BF80Ww DBF85Ww BF85Wwds BF80Wwfd RF77Ww RF85Ww CB80Wwd B80Wwf B80Ww FB80Wwdy  
          KR85Wws BF85Wwd                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          atrie. [Japan] . Genre: House( ハウス系 )  
    The Moment Of Sparkle
    The Moment Of Sparkle     2010ClusterSounds[Japan]  
          DBF85W DBC90Wf DBC90Ww DBC85fy DBC85Wf DBR85W in>RF80b/ RF85Wbj IBC80 in>DBC85W  
          DBC80W DBC85fy                  
      All the Stars and Boulevards
  All the Stars and Boulevards   2005Sony . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan>  
          幾千の星と路と     12,13-JapanBonusTrack  
          BC75M BC75My B>BC74My BK><B80M BC75M>Y BF75My>Y KR><B75My BC74M><Y B77M BK>B74M  
          KR77Mm 4rBK><B80M 7rKR><B75M                
          autumn leave's [Japan] . Genre: House( ハウス系 )  
          オータム・リーブス  j = Japanese(日本語)  
      Shake It!,autumn leave’s works
  Shake IT!     2008ColumbiaMusicEntertainment[Japan]  
          DFB90Wwy DBC90Wfy DRF90W DBC80Wwf DBC80Wwf DCB80Ww DBF85Ww DBC85Mmfsj DBC85Wvfj BC90Wmfdj  
          DBC80Wvfy DBC85Wmf                  
          turn to me  Definite Collections   2008ColumbiaMusicEntertainment[Japan]  
          DBF85Ww DRF85Wj DB85Wvfj BF80Wwds BF80Wds BF80Wvds DBC80Wwfs BC80Wys BR85Wbs BC80Wwdys  
          B80Wwfds BC80Wys B80Wfs                
  Sound Memories     2010Vithmic[Japan] . 01-コトバニノセテ . 03-Saturday In The Park [Chicago Cover]  
                           09-To Love You More [Celine Dion Cover] . 10-Complicated [Avril Lavigne Cover]  
          DBC85Wfj DBC85Wfy DBC85Wfs DBC85Wwf DBC85Wwf DBC80Wfys DCK77WwY DB85Ww DB85Ws DBF80Wwfs  
          DBK85Wf B80Ws DBC80Wwfyj                
  B       Babe    
  Freebee       1999Edler/Avex[Japan]  
          CK74Wwdy BF80Wwfd CF75WwdY BR85WwN CB77Wwdy CK75Vw CB75Wwdy KB71Ww CF75WwdY CB74Wwdy  
          BF77Wwd KB74Ww CF71Wwdy BF74Wwd CB74Wwdy BF75Wwfd          
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Backstreet Boys    
      Backstreet Boys [ENHANCED CD]
  Backstreet Boys  <US> [ Type 1 ] 1996Jive . 05-All I Have to Give . 09-Darlin'  
          CB67Mmd BF75Mmd BF75Mmd CB71Mmdy B80Mm BR77Mm CB65Mmd B75Mm BR80Mm BC67Mmd  
          B74Mm CB67Mmy                  
          Backstreet's Back  <US> [ Type 2 ] 1996Jive . 03-All I Have to Give . 06-Like A Child  
          CB71Mmdy BF75Mmd B80Mm CB74MmdY BR77Mm BR80Mm CB65Mmd B74Mm BR77Mm CB67Mmy  
    Backstreet's Back,バックストリーツ・バック
    Backstreet's Back  <US> [ Type 3 ] 1996Jive . 03-All I Have to Give . 07-Like A Child  
          CB71Mmdy BF75Mmd B80Mm   CB74MmdY BR77Mm BR80Mm CB65Mmd B74Mm BR77Mm  
          CB67Mmy 3r KR77Mm                
          Backstreet's Back  <Japan>   1996/2007BMG JAPAN[Japan]  
          CB71Mmdy BF75Mmd B80Mm   CB74MmdY BR77Mm BR80Mm CB65Mmd B74Mm BR77Mm  
            3r KR77Mm 1r              
  Millennium     1999Jive . 02- I Want It That Way . 13,14-JapanBonusTrack  
          BC75Mmf B90Mmf BK75Mm CB74Mmdy BK74M CK69Mm B77Mm CB><BF74Mmy KR77Mm BK75Mm  
          BR77Mm BR77Mm BR80Mm B77Mmf              
    Black & Blue,Never Gone(CCCD)
    Black & Blue     2000Jive . 12- It's True  
          CB71Mmdy B><BF80Mm CK71Mmdy CK74Mmdy BR80Mm CB><BF77Mmfdy CB74Mmdy BC75Mm B75Mm CB75Mmdy  
          B77Mm BR85Mm KR80Mm B77Mm rBF77Mmfdy 1rCB65Mmmud          
          Never Gone     2005Jive  
          BK80Mm BF80Mmy B80Mm BF80Mm B80Mm BC77Mm B80Mmf RF80Mm BC65Mm BR80Mm  
          B77Mm BR80Mm BC77Mm BK77Mm              
  Unbreakable     2007Zomba  
          KB75MmN/ BC77Mmy BC80Mm BC80Mm B80Mm BC69Mm BC63Mm CB71Mmdy B75Mm B77Mmf  
          B77Mm BK>B77M BK80Mm BK80Mm              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Balligomingo Group . House( ハウス系 ) + Healing . Keyboard-Garrett Schwarzという人のユニット  
    Beneath The Surface     2002BMG . 01-Purify . 02-Escape  
          DRF90W DKC85W KC80W DKC85W DRF90W KC75Wd DKC85W DCK80Wy DKC85W HRK80W  
          in>DCF77W 1rKR80W                  
          Bananarama Genre: '80 '90 Pops  
      The Very Best of Bananarama
  The Very Best of Bananarama <US>   2002WeaInternational . 02-Love in the First Degree . 10-I Heard a Rumour  
          CB85Wvdy BF90Wwf BF77Ww BF74Ww BF71Wv CK71Wwd BF74Ww FB85Wwd FC71Wwd BC90Wfd  
          BF80Wwd CB77Wwdy BC77Wwfd BF77Wwd BC71Wvfd BF77Ww RF77Ww CB77Wwdys CB75Wwfdy BF80Wwd  
          ~ ><BC80Wwfdys rCB>BF77Wwfd                  
  The Very Best of Bananarama <Japan> 2002WarnerMusicJapan[Japan] . 02-Love in the First Degree . 04-I Heard a Rumour  
        CB85Wvdy BF90Wwf BF77Ww BC90Wfd CK71Wwd BF74Ww BC71Wvfd BF71Wv FB85Wwd FC71Wwd  
        BF74Ww BF80Wwd CB77Wwdy BC77Wwfd BF77Wwd BF77Ww RF77Ww CB77Wwdys CB75Wwfdy BF80Wwd  
          ~ ><BC80Wwfdys rCB>BF77Wwfd                  
          Bangles Genre: '80 Pops  
      Greatest Hits
  Greatest Hits     1990Columbia . 10-Eternal Flame  
          CF71Wfd CB71Wwfy BF80Ww BF75Ww BC74Wwfdy BF77Wwd BK71WN in>CB75Wwys FB77Wwd KR95Ww  
          CF74Wwfd RF77Ww BF77Wwfd BF77Ww FB77Wwd            
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
      Barlow Girl
  Barlow Girl       2004Word  
          BF75Wy CB75Wwfy BK>KF75W CB><FC77Wfd BR>B75Ww B77Wy FB75Wy FC77Wwy BC77Wfy CB75Wwfy  
      Another Journal Entry
  Another Journal Entry     2005Fervent   
          CF75Wwdy CB75Wwy B77Ww B77Wwf KB77Ww B75Wwf BC75Wv CF75Ww KR77Ww FC80Wwdy  
      How Can We Be Silent
  How Can We Be Silent     2007Fervent/Spirit-Led  
          BC75Wy BK75Ww BK75Ww BC75Wwy CB75Wwy BC75Wwy B><BC74Ww FC77Wwdy CF75Wwy KB75Ww  
          Basement Jaxx    
      The Singles
  The Singles [Best of]     2005XL Recordings  
          DCB80WvY DCB74WwYY BC71Wwd DBC74Wvf DCB75wy DCB67Mmy DBC75Vfy DC63Mvfy DCB61MvY DCB67MvY  
          CB65Wwdy DFC74Wwy DB80Wf DCF74Mvfy DCF80wfy            
    Crazy Itch Radio
    Crazy Itch Radio     2006Warner  
          in CB74Wvdy in BC71Wwfdy BC74Wvdy BC71Mvfdy FC><B74Wwdy in~ BC75Wmfdy BC74Wv  
          in DCB75VVfY BC74Wm DBC74Mvfy DCB69Mmy DCB74WmY>…>KC71W        
          Bay City Rollers [ UK ] . Genre: '70 Pops  
  The Definitive Collection [Best of]   2000Arista . 01-Saturday Night . 06-Bye Bye Baby . 12- I Only Want To Be With You  
          ベスト・オブ・ベイ・シティ・ローラーズ                   18-The Way I Feel Tonight  
          FC85Mmy FC80Mmdy/ BF80Mm BF77Mmf BF80Mm BF85Mm BR77M BF77Mfd BC77Mmdy BF80Mm  
          FB80Mmd FB85Ms BC80MmdY CB80MmfdY BR80M BC77Mmdy BC80Mmdy KR85Mm FC77Mmdy BC77MmfdY  
          Beady Belle Group . Genre: Jazz/Fusion . "Jazzmasters" Style  
  Home       2001JazzLand/Universal[Norway]/Victor[Japan]  
          CK85Wd CK80Wwdyx KC77Wwd in KC74Ww in KC71Ww CK75W KC85Ww CK77Ww  
          CK75Wwd CK80Wwd                  
  Cewbeagappic    2003Jazzland  
          KB75W BC77Wwfd KC74W in CK74Ww KC75W BC80Wfd BK77W in^ B>BF80Wd  
          IK69N^/ CK80Wd BK77W                
  Closer   2005Universal  
          KC67Wd BK>KC75Ww in>BC71W KB74W BK>CK74W BK75WN CK74Wd CK71Wd KR74WN    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          The Beatles [ UK ]  . Genre: '60 Rock  
          ザ・ビートルズ   / = Short Song( < 2:30) .  Red-Disc1-02はベスト盤の赤盤のDisc1の2曲目の意味  
  Please Please Me     1963EMI . 01- I Saw Her Standing There . 06-Ask Me Why . 07-Please Please Me  
          プリーズ・プリーズ・ミー                  08-Love Me Do . 11-Do You Want To Know A Secret . 14-Twist And Shout  
          CB90Mmy B80Mm/ B75Mms BF75Mms/ BC74Mmfys/ RF85Mm/ BF95Mm/ BC95Mmf/ RF80Mm/ B75Mms  
          in>B85Mm/ BK75Mms/ BF77Mmf/ BC90MmfYs              
                      Red-Disc1-02 Red-Disc1-01      
  With The Beatles     1963EMI . 01- It Won't Be Long . 03-All My Loving . 06-Till There Was You  
          ウィズ・ザ・ビートルズ                  07-Please Mister Postman  
          BF85Mmy/ B80Mm/ BF100Mm/ BC77Mmf/ BF80Mmfy/ BR95Ms/ BF95Mms FC80Mmdys BF80Mmy BK80Mms  
          CB80MmfdY/ B80Mms/ B77Mmf/ BC77Mmys              
  A Hard Days Night     1964EMI . 01-A Hard Day's Night . 02-I Should Have Known Better . 05-And I Love Her  
          ハード・デイズ・ナイト                  07-Can't Buy Me Love  
          BC95MmY BF80Mm KR85Mm/ BC75Mf/ BK100Mm FC77Mm/ FC95Mm/ CB><B77Mm/ BF75Mmfy/ KC75Mm  
          BC74Mmy/ BC71Mmfy B77Mm/                
          Red-Disc1-08       Red-Disc1-09   Red-Disc1-07        
  Beatles For Sale     1964EMI . 04-Rock And Roll Music . 06-Mr. Moonlight  
          BC80Mm/ BF80Mm><y B77Mm/ CB95Mfdys BR77Mm/ B90Mm CB74Mmys BF80Mm BR77Mms/ BC71Mfds  
          B75M/ BF75Mm BC74Mm BC74Mmfds/              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  Help!       1965EMI . 01-Help! . 03-You've Got To Hide Your Love Away . 07-Ticket To Ride  
          ヘルプ!                    13-Yesterday  
          BC95Mm/ BC80Mm B85Mm/ B80M/ BC77Mfd/ BF77Mm/ BC95Mm BF71Ms B74M/ BF80Mm  
          B75Mmf BF74Mmf/ BK100M/ BC77Mfys              
          Red-Disc2-01   Red-Disc2-02       Red-Disc1-12        
  Rubber Soul     1965EMI . 01-Drive My Car . 02-Norwegian Wood . 04-Nowhere Man . 07-Michelle  
          ラバー・ソウル                  11-In My Life  
          CB85Mm/ B90M/ B80Mm B95Mm BC80Mm/ BC71Mm BK95Mm FB75Mm KB75Mm BC74Mmf/  
          KR85Mm/ BC75Mmf/ BF77Mm/ BC77Mmfdy/              
          Red-Disc2-05 Red-Disc2-06   Red-Disc2-07     Red-Disc2-08   Red-Disc2-10    
  Revolver       1966EMI . 02-Eleanor Rigby . 05-Here, There And Everywhere . 06-Yellow Submarine  
          リボルバー                    08-Good Day Sunshine . 10-For No One  
          in>BC77Mmdy BC90Mm/ B74Mm in>BC74Mmd KR95Mm/ BF90Mm BC75Mm BF85Mm/ BF77Mmf/ B85M/  
          BC75Mmfd/ BF74Mm/ BF75M><Y/ CB74Mmd              
            Red-Disc2-12       Red-Disc2-13          
  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967EMI . 02-With A Little Help From My Friends . 03-Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds  
          サージェント・ペパーズ・ロンリー・ハーツ・クラブ・バンド               06-She's Leaving Home  
          CB74Mm/ B85Mm B><BC85Mm BC77Mm B75M KR90Mm BC74M in>B71Mp RF80Mm B77Mmf  
          BC75Mmf BC74Mmfd// KR>Y<BC75M                
          Blue-Disc1-03 Blue-Disc1-04 Blue-Disc1-05                
    Magical Mystery Tour (Dig)
    Magical Mystery Tour     1967EMI . 01-Magical Mystery Tour . 02-The Fool On The Hill . 07-Hello Goodbye  
          マジカル・ミステリー・ツアー                  08-Strawberry Fields Forever . 09-Penny Lane . 11-All You Need Is Love  
          FC85Mm KR95M B71m/ RC><BC67M BK74M/ CB74Mm BF85Mm KR85M>end BF90Mm BF74Mm  
          Blue-Disc1-11 Blue-Disc1-10       Blue-Disc1-08 Blue-Disc1-09 Blue-Disc1-01 Blue-Disc1-02    
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  The Beatles (The White Album)  [Disc 1] 1968EMI . 04- Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da . 11-Blackbird  
          CF77Mmfy B>BC74M CK74My/ FB95Mm IBC55m// BF><B67Mm BK><BR74M BK><CB69Mm RF><BF74M/ KR><B71M/  
          BR85M/ B>BF75Mm/ BC63M BF74M CB65My/ BR80M/ KR80MmN        
          Blue-Disc2-01     Blue-Disc2-03     Blue-Disc2-02        
                [Disc 2]              13-Good Night  
          CF71Mvy CK69Myq KR77M CF69Mfy B77Mm CF65My KR74M B77Mm in>BF77M CB67M  
          B80Mm ICR><CC65~ BR85Mvh                
  Yellow Submarine [ Movie Soundtrack ] 1969EMI . 01-Yellow Submarine( =Album[Revolver]06 )  
          イエロー・サブマリン                  06-All You Need Is Love( =Album[Magical Mystery Tour]11 ) . I = Instrumental  
          BF90Mm B77M BF77Mm/ CB74Mm BF74Mmy B90Mm IRF80h/ IBR77h IRC71/ IB69h  
          ICK69h/ ICR65h/ 1rIBF><KR71h/     Blue-Disc1-07          
  Abbey Road     1969EMI . 02-Something . 04-Oh! Darling . 07-Here Comes The Sun  
          CK67Mm KR90M BF75Mm B85Mmq><Y BF77Mm CK67Mm B95Mm KR80Mm BK>BC77Mm KR74MN/  
          BC69Mmy// CB65Mfy// BC67Mm/ KR><B75M/ BC><KR75Mm/ CB>BR74M/ RF69M//        
          Blue-Disc2-09 Blue-Disc2-10     Blue-Disc2-11   Blue-Disc2-08        
  Let It Be       1970EMI . 03-Across The Universe . 06-Let It Be . 10-The Long And Winding Road  
          レット・イット・ビー                  12-Get Back  
          ~ >BF74Mm KR>B71Mmy KR90Mv BK><CB69M BC63My// BK95M FB67MmS// BC67Mm FC71MmY KR95Mh  
          BF65M CB90Mm                  
              Blue-Disc2-13     Blue-Disc2-12       Blue-Disc2-14  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
  The Beatles 1962 - 1966 [Best Of] [Disc1] 1973EMI . 通称「赤盤」 ( Red Album )  
             / = Short Song( < 2:30) ねずみ色 gray = Single Only Song    
          BC95Mmf/ BF95Mm/ BC77Mmf/ FC95Mm/ BC95Mmf/ BF100Mm/ FC95Mm/ BC95MmY BK100Mm BF80Mm  
          Love Me Do Please Please Me From Me to You She Loves You I Want to Hold Your Hand All My Loving Can't Buy Me Love A Hard Day's Night And I Love Her Eight Days a Week  
          BC85Mmfy/ BC95Mm BK100M/                
          I Feel Fine Ticket to Ride Yesterday                
          BC95Mm/ B85Mm/ BF85Mm/ CB74Mm CB85Mm/ B90M/ B95Mm BK95Mm KR85Mm/ KB75Mm  
          Help! You've Got to Hide Your Love Away We Can Work It Out Day Tripper Drive My Car Norwegian Wood Nowhere Man Michelle In My Life Girl  
          CB85Mmfy/ BC90Mm/ BF90Mm                
          Paperback Writer Eleanor Rigby Yellow Submarine                
  The Beatles 1967 - 1970 [Best Of] [Disc1] 1973EMI . 通称「青盤」 ( Blue Album )  
                ねずみ色 gray = Single Only Song    
          KR85M>end BF90Mm CB74Mm/ B85Mm B><BC85Mm KR>Y<BC75M B90Mm CB74Mm BF85Mm KR95M  
          Strawberry Fields Forever Penny Lane Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band With a Little Help from My Friends Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds A Day in the Life All You Need Is Love I Am the Walrus Hello, Goodbye The Fool on the Hill  
          FC85Mm BC85Mmfy KR>B100Mm rB77Mmy              
          Magical Mystery Tour Lady Madonna Hey Jude Revolution              
          CF77Mmfy BK><BR74M FB95Mm CB90Mm BC85Mmq BF77Mm CB71Mmfd B95Mm CK67Mm KR90M  
          Back in the U.S.S.R. While My Guitar Gently Weeps Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Get Back Don't Let Me Down Ballad of John and Yoko Old Brown Shoe Here Comes the Sun Come Together Something  
          BF77Mm BK95M KR90Mv KR95Mh              
          Octopus's Garden Let It Be Across the Universe The Long and Winding Road              
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bee Gees    
    Very Best of the Bee Gees <US>   1996Polydor . 14-How Deep Is Your Love . 16-Stayin' Alive . 18-Too Much Heaven  
                                  "Melody Fair" is Nothing  
          B>BF><BK69Mm B69Mmf BR85Mm/ BR74Mmh BR71M B69Mmfh BR77Mhx BR>RF75Mmh BR71Mmh BR75Mmh  
          in>BC67Mmfd CB><BF><B71Mmdy CB69Mvdy BR95Mmh BF75Mmfh CB85Mmdy BC80Mmfd BR85Mmh CB><FB77Mmy B77Mmf  
  Very Best of Bee Gees  <Japan>   1995Polydor[Japan] . 07-Melody Fair . 15-How Deep Is Your Love(愛はきらめきの中に)  
          ベリ-・ベスト・オブ・ビ-・ジ-ズ                             17-Stayin' Alive . 19-Too Much Heaven  
          B>BF><BK69Mm B69Mmf BR85Mm/ BR74Mmh BR71M B69Mmfh BR95Mm BR77Mhx BR>RF75Mmh BR71Mmh  
          BR75Mmh in>BC67Mmfd CB><BF><B71Mmdy CB69Mvdy BR95Mmh BF75Mmfh CB85Mmdy BC80Mmfd BR85Mmh CB><FB77Mmy  
          Beleza Vocal-Gabriela Anders  
  Fantasia       1997Alfa[Japan]  
          B74Wvs RF75Wbs K74MS KB77Ws RF77WS BC>BF69Wvb CK65M KC77Mv BK69Vf K>B65WbN  
          CF67Wvd KB71WN BF65Wvfb JKR74WNS 8rKC75Mv            
      Count Three & Pray
  Count Three & Pray     1986Phonogram . 05-Take My Breath Away(愛は吐息のように)[Top Gun Theme]  
          CB71Wvy in>BC67W FC74Wvy CK69W B85W in>CF69Wy CK71Wvy BC69Wq CB65WmY KR71W  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Black Eyed Peas Genre: Rap  
      Behind the Front
  Behind the Front     1998Interscope  
          CB65MUmfd>~ CB61MUvd CB65MUvdy KC74Wv><MU CB61MUm>~ KC61MUmd CB61MUm><Wdy BC61MUmfd BC61MUvfd CB61MUvd>~  
          CB67MUm><Wdy CB59MUmd CB63MUmdy CB67MU><Wmfd CF65MUmd BC>CB61MUv>end          
      Bridging the Gap
  Bridging the Gap     2000Interscope  
          CB65MUmdy BC69MU><Wd CB61MUv CB63MUvfd CK63MUvd>end CB63MUmdy CB65MUwdy CB55MUvd BC69MUvfd CB59MUmdy  
          CB63MUmfdy CB65MUmdy CB74MUvdy BC71MUv><Wfd ...>CB65MUmd            
  Elephunk     2004Universal . 13-Where Is The Love  
          CB71MUvfd CB74MUvdY CB71MUvdY CK65MUmdy CB75W><MUd BC63MUvfd BC65MUvdy KC69MUvd(s) KC65Wvd CB67Vmd  
          KB67MUm CB67MUmdY BC80MUvfd BC69VU              
  Monkey Business     2006Universal Polska  
        CB65MUvdy BC65MUwfd CB61MUvfdy BF77M><Uvd BC61WUmufd>end CB65MUvfd CB65MUvdy CB67MUvfdy B67MU><Mm CB74MUvfdy  
        CB65MUvdy CB61MUwfd CB55MUv BC>CB59MUmd BC71MUvfds CB61MUvdy          
      The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)
  The E.N.D.       2009Interscope  
          CB63VUd BC74Mvfd BC71MU><Wfd BC>CB59MUm BF75Vvdy BC74V><MU CB69W><MUvd >CB65MUvd BC>BF69VUwfy CB65Wmfdy  
          CB61VUvd CB65MUvfdy CF67MUvfd BC67MUvfd CB71m><MUdy CB65MUmd          
          Black Gold Massive    
  Stories       2005MajorMenaceEntertainment  
          BC80Wwfd BC75Wwmufd BC80Wwfd BC77Wwfd BR77W BC74Wwdy BC74Wwfd BC77Wwfdy BC77Wwd B71Ww  
          1rBC80fd 2rBC74Wwd                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Blondie Group . Vocal-Deborah Harry  
      The Best of Blondie
  The Best Of Blondie     1992/1999EMI . 03-Tide is High . 12-Call me  
          BC80Wmfd CF75Wfy B85W BR77Ww FB77W FC77WwY CB75Wwy KC80Wwu BF75W>Y BC74Wy  
          BC74Wf CF90Wmy BC80Wy BC71Wmfy              
          Blue Six  ( Blue 6 ) Genre: House( ハウス系 ), Dance  
  Beautiful Tomorrow     2002Astralwerks  
          DBC80W>w DKC80Wwf DC74w DC74v>Wf DC74m DBC77Ww DBR80Ww DC75m DCB80wy DBC77Ww  
          DCB75w DBC77Wwy DBC80Wm DBC75W              
          Blue Stone    
  Worlds Apart     2007Neurodisc  
          DKF80w KB77Wwd in>BC75dy/ RF80Wwd KC77wd DBC77Ww KC77wd DKR80Ww BK77Ww KC77Ww  
          KC77Wwfd KC77Ww DKC75Ww KC75wd BC75Wwfd HRB75/          
          BLU-SWING [Japan]  
  REVISION     2008ColumbiaMusicEntertainment[Japan]  
          BK85W BC80MUd KC80 BC77MUfd CK80d in CB90Wwdy BC77d BC80Wfd in>BC80Wwfd  
          BC85Wfdy BC85dy BC80Wfdy                
      bottom line,01
  Bottom Line     2009HeiGlobalEntertainment[Japan]  
          IKR77/ rBC80Wwfd DBC85Wfy rBC85Wfd BC85Wfdj DBC80Mvf DBC80Mf BC77MUwfd DCK75/ BC80wfd  
          DBC85Wwf BC80Wd DBC80Wf RB77 BF77Mvd            
          Find Your Way     2012DIAA[Japan]  
          CB80Wfy JKC80Wfdj BC85Wfdbj B80Wf B80Wfds JC71f/ JBC80Wfd DCB80f B85Wfd RB80Wj  
          BR77Ws in BK80Wj                
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bon Jovi Genre: Hard Rock  
    Slippery When Wet
    Slippery When Wet     1986/1999UniversalJapan . 02-You Give Love A Bad Name  
          in>CB77MmY CB85MmY CB80Mmy CB75My BC77Mm>y CF77Mmfy BC77My CB>CF77MY B80M FC77MmY  
      New Jersey
  New Jersey     1988/1999Vertigo . 02-Bad Medicine  
          in!>CF74MY CB85MY CB80MY B><BC80MY CB><CF80MmY CF77MmYY in>BC77MYY BC74MY/ BC80MY B77Mm><Y  
          FC80MYY FC77Mmo                  
          Booty Luv    
      Boogie 2Nite
  Boogie 2Nite     2007HedKandi  
          BOOGIE 2NITE                  
          DCB80Ww DCB80Wwy DCB77Wwy DCB80Wwy DCB80Wwy DCB80Ww DCB80Ww DCB80Ww DCK80Ww DCB77Wwy  
          DCB80Wwy BF80Ww 1rDCB77Ww 2rDCB80Wwy 3rDCB77Ww            
          Boys Town Gang    
    Best Of Boys Town Gang   1996Victor[Japan] . 01-Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (君の瞳に恋してる)  
          FB98Wds FB80Wmds FB80Wwds BF77Wws BF80Wwf BC>FB74Wwd FB75Wd(ss) BF75Wwfds CB71Wds CF75Wvfd  
          1rFB90Wds 1rBF80                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          The Brand New Heavies    
  Brother Sister < US >     1994FFRR . 03-Dream On Dreamer  
          CB63vd KC67W CB85Wd CF71y BC71Wd CF63Wvdy CF74Wd in BF75Vf CF55y/  
          CB75Wmdy BC69Ww CK74Wwd FB>CF75Wvd              
  Brother Sister <Japan>     1994FFRR . Jacket Design <US>≠<Japan>  
          ブラザー・シスター                       03-Dream On Dreamer . 04-Midnight At The Oasis[Maria Muldaur Cover]  
          CB63vd KC67W CB85Wd FB85Wvds BF75Vvf CF71y BC71Wd CF74Wd CB75Wmdy CF55y/  
          CF63Wvdy BC69Ww CB74Vdy CK74Wwd FB>CF75Wvd         
  Shelter  <US>     1997DeliciousVinyl . 06-Feels Like Right  
          ~ >CB71Wvfd CB71Wwf CB65Mwdy BC75Wwd BC77Wwfd B85Wwd CB71Wwfd FB80Wwdy BC65W CF65fd  
          CB63Wwdy BR80Mm BC75Wwd BC><BF77Wwfds              
          Shelter  <Japan>     1997Polydor[Japan] . 07-Feels Like Right  
          ~ >CB71Wvfd CB71Wwf CB65Mwdy FB80Wwdy BC75Wwd BC77Wwfd B85Wwd CB71Wwfd BC65W CF65fd  
          BR80Mm BC75Wwd KC65W BC75Wd              
      WE WON’T STOP,Get Used to It
  We Won't Stop     2002TBNH/CanyonInternational[Japan]  
          CB67WUd/ BC67M><WUd BC67Wwd BC63Wwd CB65Wdy BC67Wmd CB61MUmd BC59Ww BC71Mvd BC69Wwd  
          CB69Mvdy BC71Wwd                  
          Get Used to It     2006TBNH . JapanAlbum +BonusTrack(13,14,15)  
          CK71Wv BF71Wwy KC69Ww CK71Wwd in>CB80Wvy CK69Ww CB71Wd BC74Wv CB74Wvd CB74Vd  
          BC75Wv BC71Wwd                  
          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
          11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  
          Bread Genre: '60 Soft Rock . Vocal: David Gates, James Griffin  
  The Best Of Bread     2001Rhino . 06- If  
          B77Mh BR><B75Mh BR75Mm B75M BR75Mh KR85Mh CB65M CF69Mmy B74Mmf CB69Mmy  
          B><CB74Mm CF65Mmfy BR74Mh